Our junior talent pledge_

50% of all junior placement fees are invested into the YCC's products.

When we fill a role,
we fund theirs_


We have teamed up with the Young Creative Council so they can continue to develop initiatives which help inspire, support and guide young talent into the industry.


We're committed to offering them 50% of every junior placement fee to invest into their products and services to ultimately improve future candidates and benefit agencies in the long term.

About the YCC_

Since 2011, the YCC has helped bridge the gap between young talent and the creative industries. Working as creatives by day they give back to the industry by providing online support, hosting events and giving lectures. 

They run a series of sites and initiatives including:

Ad Job Wall

Launched in 2010, this is the YCC’s junior-only job site that covers the whole creative industry.

Badass Gal

Launched on International Women’s Day 2018 this female-centric community celebrates young female creatives that are already going above and beyond. 

Poverty Pledge

Launched in 2015 it’s a code of conduct that agencies sign up to that makes sure creatives on placement get paid the London Living Wage or Living Wage.

Single Creatives

Since 2010, they’ve been teaming up creatives online and hosting regular Single Mingle: creative speed dating nights.